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Student Services

Why Study Abroad with EgyTEFL?

EgyTEFL Study Abroad Program is an international experience in education which provides learners opportunities to gain:

  1. High quality credible international Education
  2. Recognized well- reputable accredited Certification
  3. Cultural Experiences about destination country's location and geography , history and population
  4. Social Experiences about destination country's celebrations, festivals, sports events and traditions.
  5. Quality for money spent on affordable tuitions fees at Education institutions and living expenses.
  6. vast range of Educational Options
  7. Intensive academic counseling & education advising for international students
  8. Fabulous personal support in accommodation, lifestyle, sports and leisure, transportation, health and welfare, and legal issues
  9. International relationships with colleagues and staff from around the world.
  10. Career development and opportunities for international jobs


Admissions/Counseling :

EgyTEFL counselors offer you professional advice on international higher education institution, course options according to your academic qualifications, work experience, financial Resources, and destination country of desire.      

Study Abroad Advising Workshops:

If You Would like to attend our free of charge info session about studying in destination countries, delivered by Certified Education Counselors please register here.