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German Preperation Program Course

German Business Study Program

Study programs:

1-    Learners will attend the following study levels (A1-A2-B1-B2)

2-    Learners will need to sit for examination at the German Language testing Committee from ISL GERMANY

3-    Attend TELC certified Examination at ISL Cairo

4-    Learners can continue the advanced study levels at ISL in Germany

5-    Learners can receive TELC or Test Daf Preparation at ISL Germany

6-    Executive and business Trainings for businessmen

7-    Teacher training programs

8-     Language Examiners

9-    Professional training for doctors and engineers

Benefits of the study Programs:

1-    Ability to study German in Egypt up to B2 level and the opportunity to continue studying advanced levels in Germany

2-    Receiving international credible German language level Certification from ISL Germany

3-    The availability and affordability for the delivery of training programs up to the B2 Level  in very few number  of months

4-     The guaranteed university placement with letter of acceptance

5-    Variety of study programs

6-    Receiving B2 Level in Language certification eases the visa processing

7-    Language and Cultural Camps in Egypt or Germany

8-    Executive training and business visits for business men


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